In search of Gratitude

October 4, 2015

FullSizeRender-1I spend a lot of time being ungrateful. I grump about having to go for a run when I am tired. I get annoyed when my littles are calling for “mommy” for the thousandth time today. I sit in traffic and fume about the time wasted in my car and the fact that I am going to be late. I complain when I have to change the laundry and pick up toys and empty the dishwasher. Everyday tasks that have to be done, I make miserable by being flat-out grouchy.

These things have to be done today. And tomorrow. And, God willing, the next day too. That’s how this works if you are lucky. It just keeps going. Why am I so much energy making these tasks miserable and causing premature wrinkles? Are they really that miserable? Or is the problem me? Am I the one making them miserable?

When I think about how truly charmed my life is, I am honestly embarrassed by my attitude. What I have and need is here in front of me. It is in the everyday tasks that joy is found. The giggles, and laying in bed, and cleaning, and doing homework, and making dinner. This is what it is all about. Sure, the big moments in life are amazing but it isn’t realistic to think those moments can happen everyday. We wouldn’t want them to. And the journey to those moments happen in small things everyday. The small parts of each day make a life whole.

It seems so simple–Gratitude turns what we do into enough.

So, the next time I run, I will run because I have a body that can. When my littles call for me (again), I will feel loved and wanted by special people. The next traffic jam I sit in, I will feel thankful that I have somewhere to be with friends counting on me to be there. When my house needs cleaning and laundry needs folding, I will feel lucky that I have a home and belongings to pick up and take care of. I will smile and laugh and love with each moment. I will find grace instead of grief. I will be thankful instead of spiteful. In moments that I want to be grouchy, I will find gratitude instead.

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