The Weight is Over

November 10, 2015

We have all been there. It’s 6 am and I am standing in my bathroom and terrified of a 12×12 flat piece of glass and metal. The scale. Since when did this inanimate object get to decide how I feel about myself daily? When did I give away that power?

But what if we are weighing the wrong thing?

As I gnaw on my lower lip, watching the zeros flash my fate for the day, I ask myself what really matters. Is that number a good indication of where I am at? God I hope not. The scale cannot see the muscle gain from more effective training, or water retention from autoimmune symptoms, or stress because your kids are in a “phase”. It can’t know that the glass of wine spent with your hubby was the first time you had a chance to catch up all week and the calories were worth every second it afforded you. It can’t know about the workout you skipped this week because you wanted to see your little’s soccer game. It wasn’t there to see that your diet was off yesterday because all you had time to eat was what your littles left on their plates.

Most importantly, it can’t know how you feel about yourself.

Instead of weighing yourself, lets weigh our lives and our worth. I am not saying just go crazy and never check in with your weight, but I am saying that the scale doesn’t need to be the way your start your day everyday. It doesn’t need to be how you feel about yourself first thing in the morning. Especially before coffee. It is merely a tool to help you, not meant to hurt you. Let go of that perfect number in your head. Because even if you get to that number, you won’t magically be happier or more confident. That’s not how it works. Those things are only obtainable when you weigh the worth of yourself on more than what that little piece of technology tells you.

So, take some of the power away from the dreaded scale and start to be kinder to yourself about where you are each morning. We all have things that wish we could change, but we also all have a full life to live. Make the choice to live healthy and be kind to yourself when you fail. Because you will. Try to remember that your children won’t remember how much you weigh when you showed up to their football practice to cheer them on. Your friends won’t check in with your number today before they cry on your shoulder about a parent who is sick. Life isn’t lived according to pounds lost or gained. It is in enjoying who are at this moment. And no one needs to start the day terrified of a scale. Instead, start the day with a few fist pumps and some much-needed coffee.


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