The Secret Life of a Rock Star

November 23, 2015

FullSizeRender-12I look amazing online. I really have my %$#@ together. My makeup is flawless, zero trace of cellulite, littles are always smiling, I always look careless with my outfit on point. Boom. I mean, I look like a rock star according to my insta page. Several emoji thumbs up!

Too bad social media is not real life.

It’s funny that people look to others posting as if that one perfect picture could tell the story of their whole day. We beat ourselves up for not being as good of a parent, or as loving a spouse, or even as acceptable a person in general all based on photographs. A mere second in the entirety of a day. What people are missing is that Facebook isn’t real life. Let me say that again, and this time with feeling–FACEBOOK ISN’T REAL LIFE! People don’t photograph the times that their kids are screaming out of control and they breakdown and scream back. We don’t see when someone forgets and important event and breaks their partners heart a bit. I have never seen someone insta a fast food meal that they are embarrassed to have to serve to their starving littles because they didn’t plan ahead. No one captures the days that we don’t have time to shower because we were up half the night with a barfing kid. Or the day after that when we still didn’t get to shower because we are now the one barfing while still having to be a functioning parent.

What we do see are the very best of someones else’s life. We see what they choose to show us. We see the cropped, photoshopped, filtered version of their lives. A fraction of the whole picture.

Instead of torturing yourself with how brilliant other people’s lives are, take it for what it is worth. Know that you too can filter and photoshop your life but that shot would never encompass the whole of your days. Shut down the computer (except, of course, for this blog) and find peace in the fact that we all lose it sometimes. We are not as perfect as snapchat wants others to believe. Our lives have endless challenges and with that endless imperfections. And most of my pictures take at least three tries, two chocolate bars of bribery, one all out melt down, and removal of at least one mac and cheese noodle from my hair.

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    1. Okay, let me tell you how much I admire you for your strength and dedication. So, I don’t let the little things in life bother me as much as before. I just say “screw it,” life is too short and things will always get better….

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