This Is A Chance of Your Lifetime

December 1, 2015

How much time did I waste in college, after college, at countless jobs. Days turned into years just waiting for the right time for me to do what I really wanted to do. Now isn’t the right time, I would think. I have student loans to pay. I can’t now, I want to start a family. Maybe when the kids are older and we have more money saved. Let me just get established before I make that jump. Sheesh.

And here I am, 36 and just beginning to live what I was meant to do. 36 years wasted. How much more could I have accomplished by now if I had just started? Even a day sooner, just started. How did this happen?


Plain and simple.

We give ourselves a thousand different reasons to give up our freedom in the name of safety. We wait in line, do what we are told and wait for someone to give us permission to move up to the next level or job or title. Somehow we have been tricked into believing that we don’t get to be a leader until someone says the job is available. What we don’t seem to realize is that in doing so, we also end up living miserable, menial, small lives. We don’t find ourselves completely in all that mediocrity. How can we?

But what would happen if you just started? Like today-right now. Not tomorrow. Just started to do what you really want to do? Are you ready for that?

See, there is an elementary difference between being prepared and being ready. You are already prepared. It is what your heart has been doing for years. The real question is are you ready? Because you don’t need permission to decide to take your turn at the big kids table. You don’t need approval to do what makes you happy. You just have to have to the gusto to take the chance. It is not just a chance of a lifetime, it is your chance at this life.


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