But First, Let Me Take A Naked Selfie

December 29, 2015


If I have one piece of advice for you in the new year it is get off your scales and into the world!

So, I know I recently touched on this very subject, but I keep hearing it over and over again. I am terrified that so many of you are making resolutions that are centered around your weight. The dreaded scale seems to rule supreme no matter how many logical conversations we have surrounding how much it doesn’t matter. Look, I absolutely know that it is so hard not to look at a very tangible number and not let it make/break us. That small number has such power over us and we somehow let it decide how we are going to feel about ourselves that day. This isn’t a way to live, though I know so many of you are. And now that resolutions are on our minds, I want us all to reconsider what we actually want from our bodies. Do we want a number, or do want reality?

Let’s just start with a little story about my personal journey (aka fight, makeup, only to fight again) with the scale.

This is me a year ago.

I weighted 117.3 that morning. How can I be so precise you may ask? I weighed myself. Daily. I was not healthy. I was skin and bones. I was a hanger. I didn’t look strong but more importantly, I didn’t feel strong. Sure, the scale reassured me daily that I was #winning. It said, “hell yes, high school weight baby!!”. But the mirror told a different story. The mirror said “under-nourished, model chic”. Let’s be honest, I looked horrible.

This is me now.


Guess who looks a hell of a lot healthier and not to mention fierce–yep, this girl. I now weigh around 130-135 (I don’t know exactly because I am taking my own advice and not weighing myself) and look at what a difference those 15 lbs made. The scale says I am heavier, but my body tells me “hell no girl, take off those sweatpants. You are a sexy beast”.


They say pictures are worth a thousand words. In my case maybe not quite as much but they do tell a more accurate story about where I am at health wise. And while I know we all fear “the cloud”, I want to challenge each of you to take a naked selfie. I know, eeks, gulp (and a few jaw drops) but just hear me out. Get an accurate representation of your body. Use pictures to gauge where you are instead of the scale. As you change, watch your body get stronger. Find beauty in yourself. Just don’t upload into the cloud–Kidding, kidding.

We can’t just take a number as truth about where we are in our journey. We have to look at ourselves through unbiased eyes. Sometimes when looking in a mirror, all we can see are the flaws. Use pictures to look past those things that seem to trip up your confidence and see the beauty in yourself. Watch your journey unfold through those images. And be proud of where you are at every step of the way.

Get out into the world and off of your scales. Let’s make our new years resolutions to be kind to our bodies. But first, go ahead and take a naked selfie. Hehe.

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