Surviving The Pain Cave

May 3, 2016

So last week I talked about resting. I talked about owning your injury and stretching and listening to your body. Then I decided that I was “ANNNNIMMMMALLLLL” and I should go for a run anyways.

I got the kids to school as usual, slightly giddy about my plans to say screw it to my own advice. I packed my nutrition and strapped on my hydration backpack, both of which screams “serious runner here, folks”. I stepped out the door and took off for a 12 mile run. I made it approximately 5 steps before buckling under the pain. Well, crap. Guess what–bad decision. Turns out, my own advice was spot on and my body was not going to let me ignore it.

So, now I have a renewed (and actual) commitment to healing for this race. Which means a few new things added to my docket. The most impressive of which is my new secret weapon–Dr. Brett McLaws. He is a totally rad chiropractor that specializes in sports injury. I have heard his name in many running circles and I decided to figure out why.

Once I arrived, I could see that this was a true no non-sense, mom and pop type of place. The doctor himself greeted me and we chatted briefly about what was happening. Then he took me back into the pain cave, as I will forever call it. I was hooked up to the electronic stimulation instrument, the purpose of which is to reduce pain and inflammation. What started out as slightly uncomfortable quickly turned into pain until the area went numb. I thought I was in the clear. Next was the “”. Don’t let that word fool you. It was super painful. But if this all means that I can get back out on that road again, put me in coach.

Now comes the healing. And healing I will do. But the bottom line is that he did work miracles and I am already feeling better. The Doc says to start to run/walk today. I fully plan to listen to my body and take it slow. I cannot recommend Dr. Brett McLaws more. Although the “pain cave” brought this tough gal directly to her injured knees, I can say it was worth every painful minute.


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