5 Ways to Workout Without Realizing It

May 19, 2016

Traditionally, when I think of a workout it is done in a gym or hitting the road for a long, super sweaty run or bike ride. The fact of the matter is that exercise is what we make it. Whether it is an hour-long spin class or a walk with our little people. Just moving our bodies does us good and here are a few ways to workout that don’t feel much like a workout:
1. Coaching–
If you coach anything like I do, it is a palms sweating, heart racing, run up and down the field kind of event. I get excited and jump up and down when my players do well. If that isn’t cardio at its best, I don’t know what is.
2. Nature walks with my little people–
It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to be far. When my kiddos need a minecraft break, we grab a bag and hit the neighborhood in search of “treasures”. This gets them and me moving and neither of us thinks of it as exercise.
3. Dance games on the Xbox–
I have to admit that my moves are pretty sweet. We get the whole family up and moving as we try to follow along with the figures on the screen. Belly laughs and hip shakes make for a great way to burn some cals.

4. Cleaning–
Okay, it’s not my fav either but it does get you moving and shaking, however, did you know that you can shed 187 while cleaning your floor. Think of your housework as just exercise in disguise and it may make it more worth while.
IMG_4855(Photo taken at “Housework with House Of J Fitness. Next round is June 5th at noon at Temecula Fitness Studio. Come join us!)
5.Playing a childhood game–
When is the last time you played capture the flag or freeze tag. It is surprising how much fun those games still are. And a bonus for engaging your kiddos in something that doesn’t require a game controller! Parenting done right for sure.

Just because you are burning calories, doesn’t mean that you need to call it exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get your butt up and move your body!!

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