I Know This May Shock You But…I Am Not Perfect (Insert Sarcasm)

August 2, 2016

This is about to get real. Real embarrassing that is. I have been happily bumping down this path, not paying attention to clear signs that I was letting my fitness slip. Except this past weekend, I saw a picture of myself in a bikini at a party and that happy part no longer applied. I was suddenly faced with someone who hasn’t been taking care of herself. I couldn’t deny it. There she was, staring at me through my phone. I couldn’t deny the fact that I don’t look, or to be honest with myself, feel the way I know I should. Now what?


Okay, so I know that something needs to happen. I have two choices. I can just sit around and feel sorry for myself and continue to venture down this path only to be more unhealthy and more unhappy or I can do something about it. Everyone has times in their life that they fall off the proverbial food truck wagon, but recognizing that you have fallen into a rut and making changes is hard to do. I, of all people know that reality. But, I refuse to see another picture of myself where I don’t feel good about where I am at. I refuse to not feel strong and capable of having a fit life. So I need to make a plan.

Here are my immediate changes:

1. Cut out booze–It is a ton of sugar calories that you just don’t need. Now, those that know me know that after a long day, a glass of wine makes me a better mother, wife, and just person in general. However, did you know that alcohol temporality stops your body from burning fat? Your body can’t store calories from booze the same way it does from food so what happens is the wine, much like a diva, shoves everything aside and says “I am more important, burn me first”. Meanwhile, your last meal just heads straight to your saddlebags as it waits. Not cool.

2. Cut down on grains and carbs–A magical thing happens right away when you cut out carbs and grains-you lose a bunch of water weight that has been just hanging around like a bad rash. It also steadies your blood sugar throughout the day, causing cravings to hit the road.

3. Cut out sugar–Now, I have to somewhat practical. The main reason I drag my butt out of bed every morning is the chemical latent cinnamon vanilla creamer I mix in my coffee. I am giving myself at least that. But all other refined white stuff is out the window. Goodbye chocolate chips. You will be missed. Fair well Skippy peanut butter, I shall have Laura Shudder send you notes on our progress.

4. Step up my workout game–I ain’t gonna front, I have been half assing it this past couple of months. This has to stop. I have been doing a crap-ton of research about how to up my game in this department. I will share with you new workouts as I do them. Rest assured, it will involve more speed work (aka, you must be barfing or seeing stars if you are doing it right) as well as more heavy lifting to get my booty back up to the spot that it belongs. Because we all like a big booty, but only if it stands at attention.

As embarrassing as it is to share with the world my failures, I want everyone to know that no one is perfect. We can’t always be “on”. But more importantly, when we fail there is a way out of it. See, it’s not my first time at this rodeo and I know exactly what I have to do to get back on track. So, I am committed to making changes and telling you folks about those changes as I go. Take this journey with me and fight your way back to healthy and strong. Let do this thing together!

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