The Dopest Hits Around

IMG_3796Oh holy crow, I can barely contain my excitement. We are coming straight outta yo saddle for this playlist. No words can make this legit.

Biking 4 Boobs is happening this weekend. All the proceeds go to Michelle’s Place. If you want to come out and participate, we will be in Old Town Temecula in EAT Marketplace’s parking lot. The spin-a-thon goes from 8-12. Grab a friend, grab a bike, make a difference.

This playlist is in honor of this event. My fav so far is 2 Heads by Coleman Hell. Followed closely by Cannonball by Skylar Grey. Such amazing new tunes to tickle your ear buds. Enjoy!!


Alright, so there may have been some adult language and ear muffs in today’s list, it was still straight up legit. I dug deep into my college days of floor parties and frat houses for this one. A suggested song, Artificial Sweetner, was off the hook fun. Also, who doesn’t love Big Pimpin? I hope you enjoy!!



So, as you know, I am a musical maniac. I love to find new beats that make my soul feel good. And I have succeeded with this one. The standouts are “I see fire” remix. Okay, I heart the original version of this song but this is so rad! Also, First by Cold War Kids. Dope heavy beat for a climb. For cooldown, Scars (James Bay) is bone chillingly good. Enjoy!!