Jules Perez's


Make THIS count

Those of you that know me, know that I basically resemble a rubber ball bouncing around the room with endless momentum and energy. In fact, my friends lovingly call me Animal. And that's not animal as in beastmode, that's Animal as in the muppet. You know, "more gears, more gears". Yes, I bounce around from thing to thing, throwing myself into each new project with vigor and enthusiasm, not paying any attention to what is in my wake.ย  Tonight, Iโ€ฆ

Jumping Without a Net

So, I am usually one to just dive into things without looking. I don't look, just go. It is one of my greatest assets as well as my worst enemy, depending on who you ask. Sign up for a triathlon not knowing how to swim? Sure, where do I register? Become a fitness instructor before I knew where I could use the certification? Why not, I am working out anyways. Sign up for a half ironman? That sounds like fun...wait,โ€ฆ