Team Building Proposal
Above and Beyond Beauty

Team-building objectives

  • Create a high level of engagement and interaction among participants.
  • Promote the value and benefits of teamwork and cooperation among participants.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to develop meaningful relationships with one another.
  • Conduct a variety of super fun activities that foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration among participants.
  • Foster commitment, candor and constructive dialogue among participants.
  • Provide participants with the basic understanding and principles needed for effective teamwork.
  • Engage participants in team-building activities that are fun!

Why team-building?

Solid teamwork is foundational to the success of organizations today. Collaboration is the primary benefit. Team-building has become a primary vehicle for helping individuals work better together to accomplish important results. House Of J Fitness will assist you in maximizing their effectiveness and overcoming blocks to success thereby creating an environment where quantum shifts in individual and team performance not only become possible, but common. Most people who have experienced team-building talk about how it benefited them both as
individuals and the team as a whole.

Team-building is a vehicle for ensuring that individuals work together harmoniously, productively, and effectively to maximize task accomplishment and goal achievement. It provides participants with skills and knowledge that will increase their personal effectiveness and ultimately, the effectiveness of the entire group.

The goal always of team-building with House of J is fun competition. I divide everyone into teams. I try to break up friend groups when possible to create new friendships. Each team is
given a colored bandana to signify their allegiance. After a short warmup, we then proceed to play games—yes, you heard me right, games!


A run down of games that we play


Giant Jenga

Set up—

  • The tower should be set up with three bricks in one direction and three in the other, until all the bricks are used.
  • The participants should be at least 20 feet away in groups by their colored teams.


  • When you say "go", one member from each team should run to tower, while the rest of their team is doing an exercise

These exercises should continue throughout the whole game and should be changed every two minutes. Examples are:

- 2 minutes of jumping jacks
- 2 minutes of planks
- 2 minutes of sit ups
- 2 minutes of lunges
- 2 minutes of push ups

  • The first team that gets there gets to pick brick first
  • Each team keeps taking turns pulling bricks until the tower falls
  • The team that knocks the tower over has to do 20 burpees
  • Repeat


Medicine Ball Tic Tac Toe

Set up—

  • The grid should already be set up in the tic tac toe pattern
  • Each team gets four colored medicine balls


  • The teams should be alternating exercises throughout each game


- The first game, all players should be doing wall sits while it isn't their turn

- The second game, all players should be in plank

- The third game, lunges

  • When you say "go", each team runs to place their ball in the grid
  • Whomever makes it to the square first gets to claim it with their ball
  • The team that wins gets to choose the exercise for the other team to complete 20 reps of


Balloon Game

Set up—

  • Markers should already be set up for the course
  • Each team forms a line at the end of course


  • Each team is given a balloon
  • Each person in line has to crab walk while keeping the ball up in the air down to the end and back one at a time
    • Second round, same thing but they have to hop on one foot the whole time
    • Third round, can only hit balloon behind their back
  • If the balloon hits the ground, that team mate has to get back in line
  • Once all teammates have made it to the end and back, they win
  • Winning team gets to decide what exercise the other team has to do 20 reps of

Exercise Uno

Set up—

  • Each team should be behind their marked corral
  • They need to decide who their "runner" is
    • The runner is the person that will retrieve the cards and call out exercises as they do them
  • Each team is given 7 cards to start the game and the remaining cards are stacked 20 ft. from each team
  • Flip the top card over


  • Rules are the same as uno except the reverse card and 0 are both the equivalent of 10
  • When you say "go" each team has to complete all the exercises in the number that the card denotes before they can try to play a card
  • If they cannot play, they have to take a card and add their exercises
  • Each turn the whole team must complete all of the exercises on all of the cards before they can play another card
  • The team that gets to UNO first MUST yell uno before they can play last card
  • Winning team gets to decide what exercise the other team has to do 20 reps of

Duck Duck Goose

Set up—

  • Everyone regardless of team color gets into a large circle
  • Choose the first "goose"


  • Everyone in the circle does jumping jacks the entire game
  • When you say "go" the "goose" runs around the circle to choose the next "goose"
  • Once next "goose" is chosen, each person takes off in opposite directions
  • The first person back to the spot wins the spot
  • Repeat

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Set up—

  • Each team splits into two parts (the participants on the skateboard and the participants pushing the skateboard)
  • One participant lays belly on the board with laundry basket in hands while one participant stands behind grabbing legs
  • Both teams must be behind the lines


  • When you say "go" the participant pushing starts pushing participant on the board out to the balls.
  • The participant on the board covers balls with laundry basket
  • The participant pushing then reverses and pulls back to the base, while participant on the board drags balls under basket
  • Next two set up on board and pushing
  • Repeat


The team-building event is for an hour and a half. I bring all needed equipment for games and play. At the end of the event, mimosas are provided. The last 15 minutes are spent relaxing and
chatting, really solidifying the relationships that have developed. The total cost of the event is $400.

As a result of our team-building experience participants will:

  • Better understand the principles of high-performance teams to reach greater success
  • Be able to help members understand why team success leads to individual success
  • Significantly increase their ability to work in a collaborative and cooperative fashion
  • Understand how to use each members differences for maximum effectiveness
  • See a significant increase in open communication and a decrease in interpersonal conflict
  • Experience an increase in motivation
  • Have a greater sense of trust and respect for other participants

House Of J Fitness wants to help open up new lines of communication and create a greater sense of team in your establishment. I aim for each participant to gain new friendships and learn
to work better with each other. I look forward to helping Above and Beyond Beauty and even stronger team through team-building.